We launched the Thai House restaurant in the spring of 1996, long before Thailand became Israelis’ most favorite tourism destination. We felt that the Israeli audience is ready for Thai culinary art, as well as for the fascinating Thai culture.

The Thai cuisine offers a wide range of tastes from all Thai regions, from classic dishes such as Phat Thai and Sum Tam, up to rustic ingenuities like Sai Krok Isan and Jungle Curry. We wanted to bring this variety home. Today, after 12 years of winning “Best Asian Restaurant” title, we can say we succeeded in doing so.

Thai Recipes

Various Thai recipes, authentic & according to Thai traditions, with our local ingredients.
Yariv Malili's private kitchen.
An intimate - private room for a unique Thai experience.
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Kab Kem bar
by Thai House


8 Bograshov St., Tel Aviv

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