Thai House Tradition

It all started at the end of the ‘80s, when Yariv Malili, a young and adventurous guy, found himself – completely by chance – in the Kawasan street in Thailand. What started, according to him, as a “culture shock”, quickly turned into a home. Malili describes the atmosphere in the street as complete freedom. He then moved to a small village in Isan, northeastern region of Thailand, where he lived a truly simple life, herding buffalo and cows, and working on a fishing boat, earning just the fish he caught.

After two years in that village, he returned to Israel. Alongside his other jobs, Yariv started conjuring various dishes from the Thai cuisine in his home kitchen. Then came the Next Big Thing…. He launched the Thai House restaurant, merging his love to the Thai culture and culinary arts into one building in Bograshov St., Tel Aviv, where until today – for more than two decades – Thai House restaurant revives the magic by which he was enchanted.

Thai Tradition at the Thai House

The Thai culinary tradition evolved from the rustic Thai cuisine, which uses natural ingredients. Along the years, these cooking methods spread to all of Thailand’s regions, and external influences appeared, like the Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cuisines. All this formed the modern Thai cuisine, typical to Thailand of our times.

At the Thai House, our cuisine integrates traditional dishes from the Isan area in North-East Thailand, local Southern Thailand dishes, typically based on coconut milk and a variety of curry pastes, classic street food, and more.

Our menu is based on a long tradition of Thai cooking and is true to the original dishes in order to provide our guests with an authentic experience. Our local ingredients include fish from the Mediterranean Sea, the meat of local origin, and a selection of traditional Thai greens and vegetables, which we grow in a private farm.

All the dishes served in the restaurant are freshly prepared every day, using only fresh ingredients, as is the habit in Thai cuisine. For example, our coconut milk casseroles are based on milk extracted from fresh coconut shavings in our own kitchen.

Thai House also offers a menu in the Thai language.

Thai dishes that are not on the menu may be pre-ordered.