The Thai Cuisine

Thai culinary art is based on a long tradition of cooking with ingredients provided by nature: fresh, natural, healthy.

These traditions evolved from the home cooking in Thai villages, which was based solely on fresh ingredients. Along the years, these traditions spread out to other regions in Thailand. External influences from other cuisines reached the country: Chinese, Malaysian and Indian. All this created the powerful modern Thai cuisine. Thai cooking uses a wide variety of beef, chicken, pork, fish and seafood, alongside tropical fruit like mango, banana, papaya, pineapple and coconut, together with fresh and blanched vegetables and balancing herbs.

The Thai tradition sees food as a central part of life. Long meals are a significant part of social family activities. It is customary to serve hot and cold dishes side by side and eat them together. Most are sharing dishes served at the center of the table, except for noodle dishes that are considered a personal dish, and for rice, which is the Thai equivalent of bread.

Our Farm

In order to make Thailand accessible to Israelis in the most authentic manner, we grow a selection of traditional Thai vegetables in a private farm, all grown for the sole use of the restaurant (seasonal cultivation)

Makhuea Pro

A small, green Thai eggplant, with a rougher texture in comparison to the local eggplant. Can be found in green curry coconut milk dish and in the Isan-style jungle curry.


A type of Thai basil, typical to every Thai herb garden. Its scent perfectly integrates into various meat and seafood dishes, including our famous Phat Kaphrao, Photak Tom Yam, fish dishes and more.

Phak Bung

A unique vegetable, typically growing around water sources, also known as “Morning Glory”. Can be found in a variety of dishes, including XXX, where it is shortly sautéed in flames, accompanied by fermented soybean sauce and crispy pork.

Phak Khana

A classic Thai vegetable, also known as “Chinese Broccoli”. Served as a central vegetable in noodle dishes, as a refreshing side in meat dishes, and also in vegetarian dishes.